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Ванна медицинская электрическая, регулируемая по высоте Rhapsody™

Ванна медицинская электрическая, регулируемая по высоте Rhapsody™
49000.00 грн


The ArjoHuntleigh bathing systems, featuring two tub styles and a range of accessories and options, have been designed to accommodate a wide range of patient or resident mobility levels. These design features allow a single caregiver to manage a patient’s bathing cycle from start to finish. Less mobile patients may be better served using a longer-length tub, while more mobile patients will often prefer to use a shorter tub. These bathing systems are available in the straight-edge Primo tub and the contemporary key-hole shaped Rhapsody tub. In both cases, the tub height is adjustable and the bathing system is compatible with a variety of lift and transport aids. Hydrosound, Hydromassage, and other therapeutic options are available to suit the needs of most care facilities.

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